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Atkins moved into a large home at the corner of St. Paul and Ross, part of a line of stately mansions that once stretched for more than 2 miles, all the way to Greenville Avenue. This view of Main Street in looks east toward the Griffin Street intersection. It housed the Praetorian Order, a fraternal insurance company, until the building was stripped down to porcelain and steel in the early s and became known as Stone Place Tower. Owner Charles E. The Dallas Morning News later bought the paper and shut it down.

Gaston and A. Camp in The bank would merge with others over time to become the Mercantile National Bank, and it eventually vacated the building, which was demolished in Akard St. Finished with Italian marble, outfitted with mahogany, and topped with a Moorish dome, the modern structure was completely electric.

It was torn down in , and the Baker Hotel took its place. But after it was abandoned 47 years later, the city deemed it a liability and razed the structure. The current U.

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Post Office and Courthouse building sits five blocks to the north. The Renaissance Revival architecture—with its stonework, arches, and ornate details—resembled a castle. Beer mogul Adolphus Busch bought the land in and demolished the structure so he could build his namesake luxury hotel, where City Hall Bistro now pays tribute to the former seat of government.

Tommy Dorsey played at the Peacock Terrace with its lily pond and live ducks, debutantes danced in the Crystal Ballroom, and Lawrence Welk performed for lunchtime guests in the basement restaurant.

The hotel was imploded in to make room for the Southwestern Bell Telephone headquarters. Bounded by Live Oak, St.

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It was later sold at a public auction in to Dr. Reuss, who opened it as a bed private surgical hospital in Nine years later, it was destroyed in an oil fire. It would later move to an eight-story building at Main and Lamar streets, which is now part of El Centro College. In , an arch spanning the intersection of Main and Akard streets was erected to celebrate the National Convention of the Fraternal Order of the Elks. In , it became the setting of the last lynching in Dallas County. Allen Brooks was a year-old African-American laborer who was accused of raping a child.

In the subsequent days, newspapers carried sensational and spurious accounts of the incident. When Brooks was taken to the courthouse for his arraignment, a massive crowd gathered outside. In a city where politics was still dominated by the Ku Klux Klan, the crowd was thirsty for swift vengeance. They broke into the courthouse, seized Brooks, tied a rope around him, and lowered the man out a second-story window. A photograph of the horrific event was turned into a postcard, a not uncommon practice at the time to peddle the murder of African-Americans as popular entertainment.

Later, when the Southwestern Life Insurance company needed to complete sewer work under the arch, the City Council had it quietly removed.

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Southwest corner of North St. The building was imploded in when redevelopment plans failed to materialize. Its signature stone lions now grace The Stoneleigh Hotel entrance. As Dallas emerged as the largest inland cotton market in the world, the area around the Houston and Texas Central Railway began to attract laborers from the surrounding countryside.

Robert Johnson came through Dallas to record his famous sessions at nearby Park. In those early days, it was not uncommon to see a young T-Bone Walker leading Blind Lemon up and down Central Track and dancing for spare change on the streets. In , a year-old St. Louis transplant named Karl Hoblitzelle opened a vaudeville stage located at the corner of Commerce and St.

Paul streets called the Majestic. It joined a glut of theaters popping up along Elm—spectacularly lit and ornate movie palaces with names like the Capitol, the Rialto, the Washington, and the Capri. Hoblitzelle expanded his Interstate Amusement Company, which started as a vaudeville booking agency, into a movie theater and distribution powerhouse, introducing innovations like air conditioning. He also became a leading civic figure, serving on numerous philanthropic boards and helping to establish the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. As for the theaters, sadly, only his Majestic has survived.

When asked why he moved to Dallas in , Ray Charles said he wanted to settle down with his new family and live in a central location that accommodated his heavy touring schedule. It was in South Dallas, while living in a small bungalow on Eugene Street, that Charles began to hone his sound, playing venues like the Empire Room and the Powell Hotel, which anchored the African-American entertainment scene in a harshly segregated city.

Strictly enforced Jim Crow laws ensured the emergence of two distinct cultural worlds. In the s, D. Powell opened the elegant brick Powell Hotel at State St. It was the first African-American-owned hotel in Dallas and one of the few places African-Americans could stay. In , the Rose Ballroom opened nearby at the corner of Hall and Ross, when Central Expressway did not yet subdivide the neighborhood. But he deserves mention in their company.

In the s, he went into business with notorious gambler and bootlegger Benny Binion. Burlesque dancers shared the stage with singers, tap dancers, boxers, full orchestras, and some of the most popular entertainers of the day. But that all came to an end when Oak Cliff and West Dallas banned alcohol sales in the mids.

He chewed cigars with his tobacco-stained teeth and kept track of his talent in a little black book, booking strippers at four clubs and operating out of a little bungalow near Dallas Love Field. All these stages gave Ruby considerable influence over the careers of musicians who passed through his clubs. Before he became heavyweight champion of the world and an inspiration for Muhammad Ali, Jack Johnson seen here in was a high school dropout living in Dallas, working at a racetrack, exercising horses.

It was in Dallas where Johnson would meet Walter Lewis, the trainer who convinced Johnson to put on the gloves and set off on a journey toward greatness. But nothing was as popular in those early days as horse racing. The first account dates to ; the race took place in Cedar Springs, an independent town not yet part of Dallas.

By the s and s, racing was the main attraction at the State Fair of Texas. Dallas hosted its first football game in —on Thanksgiving, fittingly. At the time, though, Dallas was a baseball town. Burnett Field was home to a number of teams that played in the Texas League and hosted exhibitions that brought players such as Willie Mays to town.

Burnett Field finally closed in , after baseball moved west to the newly opened Arlington Stadium.


Streetcars snaked through the interchange, and moviegoers could snack at nearby restaurants and cafes, like the Mayflower Coffee Shop, Mexico City Cafe, and Stagecoach Inn. When the site was cleared for the construction of the Pacific skyscraper in , the portion of Live Oak that intersected with Elm was ceded to the development. By , there were about bars in town. However, after the county passed a local option on Prohibition in October of that year a resolution not supported by the city but carried through by the surrounding communities , the number of bars dropped to zero.

From to , Oak Cliff was home to an amusement park that, according to its founders, outdid Coney Island. Lake Cliff Park featured a 2,seat theater, an 18,square-foot roller-skating rink, a roller coaster, Japanese village, mechanical swings, and water rides. Today, visitors can still spy remnants of the brick-lined channel.

On Sunday, March 21, , a crowd of 6, people converged on the Commerce Street Bridge to watch a high-diving exhibition by a man named J. Wilson who had pledged to dive 65 feet, headfirst, from the top of the bridge, into the rain-swollen Trinity River. Just before it was time to jump, Wilson announced that monetary contributions were necessary before he would begin. Unhappy, he informed the crowd that the payment was not enough to warrant a foot dive—instead, he would leap from the lowest part of the bridge, about 35 feet.

The crowd jeered, and his dive was met with icy silence. The stunned crowd erupted in cheers, and Arch Sexton, a local candy-maker, became the unexpected hero of the hour.

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Read More. On October 13, , the Idlewild Club debuted its first young women at a dance on Commerce and Lamar; and by the s, the Terpsichorean Club was added to the debutante season. The ladies who lunch were giddy at the news, and they took care to ensure that their honored guest was properly received. Alfred Davis was chosen to head the welcoming committee.

Davis had come to Dallas from Kentucky, married a wealthy wholesale grocery owner, and was known for her bold style, such as wearing rings on the outside of her gloves. The luncheon for Mrs. Palmer was carefully planned. Potted palms were brought in; the menu included chicken salad made only with white meat.

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A charming little girl was chosen to present Mrs. Palmer with a bouquet of American Beauty roses, whose stems were almost as tall as the girl. And Mrs. Davis knew precisely the dress to wear: a black panne velvet, satin, and lace gown with a long train that was designed by a famous Paris couturier. When the day came, and Mrs. Palmer finally arrived, she was greeted at the door by Mrs. The guests stood aghast. It was an unthinkable faux pas.

Both women were wearing the same dress. Their remains can be found in a 1. Other Editions 3. Friend Reviews.