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Chances are, you need your reader to do something: call you back, give you more information, confirm their presence at a meeting, and so on. Spell it out, and be specific. For example:.

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Pro Tip : Keep in mind that if you need immediate action on something, talk to the recipient in person. Get up from your desk and go to their office, or call them on the phone. Writing is an important medium, but nothing beats an in-person conversation when you need to get something done. To do this, headlines need to be short, direct, powerful, and specific. The first subject line is vague and leaves a lot of questions unanswered.

Which Monday meeting? What is the meeting about? Do I even need to know about this meeting?

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The second subject line is much more specific, and thus more likely to be opened and read quickly. It communicates which meeting the author is talking about, when it is, and what you might need when attending this particular meeting. Never leave your email subject line blank.

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Email filters often categorize blank subject lines as spam, so fill it out to avoid having your email missed. This saves your reader time because they can quickly reply without having to read more superfluous text. Make sure your recipients know what EOM means before using this technique. Keep your emails focused on one specific point or idea whenever possible. If you need to address another topic, write a separate email. It also helps them organize their emails more efficiently and find archived emails faster.

Thanks for all your work on the quarterly reports last week.

You did a nice job! If so, could you please bring a copy of your initial quarterly report draft? Also, did you ever touch base with Al Thompson in Syracuse? He had some complaints about his last shipment and we need to make sure those are addressed. Let me know how this turns out. Last, he has to address those customer complaints and tell Jim what happened. The email has some important reminders in it, and Steve might want to save it. Do your readers a favor and make things as easy as possible for them.

Keep it simple with one topic per email. Never use email to deliver bad news. If you need to lay off someone on your team, or provide feedback that will sound less than rosy, do it in person. In person, you can communicate with compassion and empathy, and you can use your body language and vocal tone to further convey your sincerity and intentions.

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Grammar and spelling mistakes are embarrassing, and they hurt your credibility. And, whenever possible, put it away and read it again a few hours or a few days later. Giving yourself some distance from the writing will help you spot mistakes you might have missed on the first read-through. Pro Tip : When proofreading, read each sentence carefully. What words will express it? What image or idiom will make it clearer? Is this image fresh enough to have an effect? And he will probably ask himself two more: Could I put it more shortly?

Have I said anything that is avoidably ugly? If the email or report is particularly important, give it to a trusted friend or colleague to read over before you send it to its intended audience. A fresh pair of eyes might spot additional mistakes that you missed. Pro Tip : If you find you need additional help with your business writing, use a service like Grammarly , which scans your text and identifies both simple and complex grammar mistakes including correctly spelled words used in the wrong context.

You also get explanations for each mistake so that you can improve your writing in the future. You can also consider taking a free online business writing course through Coursera. The class was created by the University of Colorado-Boulder and is free if you audit. All Rights Reserved. Money Crashers. About Money Crashers. Recent Stories. Read more.

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Thought so. Every field has its acronyms and technical terms.

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On a webpage, for instance, you can insert a hyperlink to the definition. Cut the flab to keep your readers. Here are a few tips. Edit accordingly. People often skim documents for key information before deciding to read the whole thing. Make it easy for them. In the second, the company is the subject of the sentence.

In grammatical terms, the first sentence is in the passive voice and the second is in the active voice. Putting sentences in active voice is a quick way to brighten your writing. Sentences in active voice are often shorter and usually clearer than those in passive voice, and inspire more trust in readers.

Everyone wants to know who is doing what. Tip: Read documents aloud to catch missing words. And if you see one mistake, read the rest of the paragraph particularly closely—typos tend to cluster. Start or buy a business Business strategy and planning Money and finance Marketing, sales and export Employees Operations Technology Change of ownership Entrepreneurial skills Be an effective leader Become a better communicator Improve your networking Entrepreneur's toolkit Blog.

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Search articles and tools. Here are a few ways to make your messages stand out from the pack. Junk the jargon Every field has its acronyms and technical terms. Delete redundant adjectives.