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Got fit really quick doing that one! Try joining an online support community like MyFitnessPal too.

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Will have a look at myfitnesspal. DH uses it to track his calorie intake. By the time I have done the school run I am knackered Big hill in that one too And I have gone back to work. Are you working full time? Is your DH doing the ? Have you thought about giving that one a go? There is a thread with some more information here. Don't make excuses though, do this for your lovely new DD. Shut up and get on with it. Oh and if you are eating too many sweet things, stop buying them.

There Is No Safe Place For This Fat Body

That's what I have had to do for my DH. Now if he is hungry, there's the fruit bowl to pick from. For me it is the other way around.

Proven Method for Losing Weight (FORGET KETO!)

I'm working 3 days a week and home for 4. I work in a school so quite short days too. DH is doing one on one off. I was worried to start with as he dropped a lot of weight quickly, but has now evened out to lbs a week.

If you're struggling with feeling hot and sexy…Here are 10 things you can do to feel confident:

I have tried the Paul Mckenna thing and have tried again though not whole heartedly recently, but with not much success either time. I definitely need to do something. Ever since I was like 16 whenever I got the craving for chocolate I made myself an options chocolate. Got the chocolate hit but only 30 odd calories. I try not to buy sweet things, and don't do in bulk anymore as I just sit and chow down on them, but DH is a bugger for it. I found today whilst shopping and just had to try them a limited edition mars bar that is just caramel and chocolate.

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I kid you not. When I see things like that I just know God is against me! Thank you Asinine. At least your family are on your side, my DM keeps shoving my favourite treats under my nose or sticking them in my handbag when I'm not looking but that's a whole other thread I am away until Sunday evening. I need a major lifestyle change for myself and my family. I am morbidly obese too.

We can do this. Hmm I want to believe that, but my own family seems to take the piss out of me more than anything.

How to lose 44 pounds.

I always seem to be the stupid one. Real God honest support just doesn't seem to be there. Boot camp saved me - I'd really recommend, if like me you suffer from lack of self motivation. If you can find one near you that you can get to Food v important but you will need to get active too. I also stuck to a strict food plan when I lost my fat - I was able to enjoy my meals but did not have any sugar, caffeine, wheat, diary apart from milk or booze.

Once a week I was allowed one or two 'treats' from this list but a glass of wine for example - not a bottle! The other thing is to only eat food with one ingredient; the idea of this rule is to stop you eating anything processed or 'ready'. So pizza and pasta was out, but could do risotto and other rice dishes.

I'm not so strict with myself anymore but it's still a good reference point and all achievable as you can still eat rice, potatoes, plenty of sald and veg, and you won't feel like you're actually starving yourself! Make sure you have a good healthy breakfast porridge, banana?

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  • Get organised so you have healthy snacks within reach and arent tempted to binge. Pay at pump for petrol if possible so you dont go in and get confronted by chocolate etc. Not sure if any of this relevant to you but these are all pitfalls that I find and are best thought about in advance so avoided. Do it for your daughter and YOU. She will learn from your habits good or bad as well. Hope I've helped. Good luck!!!

    I'm too tired to be that perky, but I will be there Monday all guns blazing. Will get some sleep and get rid of this cold and see you then! These places, blogs, communities, forums, groups become very important because it gives us a little break from all the hatred, it allows us to verbalize the feelings we have and it allows us to vent so that we can go out and take another load dumped on us. These places are sacred, and so yes many of us treat them as such and get quite defensive because to a lot of us it is our safety net that allows us to carry on.

    So yeah there is anger because our safe space has been taken away, because the pile of SHOULD has grown to be to big, and we are hurt, and tired of dealing with it. Blogs are one of the last places that many of us have that we can vent those feelings, so yes it is really no surprise that there has been anger shown on many blogs, because anger is what comes from feeling hurt, despised, hated, and rejected on a level that you might not ever quite understand. Anger is a very valid feeling, and it is just that, a feeling that we deal with, we are allowed our feelings yes?

    Fat people are not a hive mind, they all have different reactions and feelings to situations especially to ones where a place they may consider to be safe is being threatened, and they are each allowed to have, experience and even verbalize those feelings especially in other safe places like our blogs. That anger is rarely something we can show anywhere else so yes it often comes out in our blogs. Thing is I, being a fat person, can understand the anger, I can understand feeling upset when a post is written in a place that is normally a safe one going on and on about how awful she has it and how wretched she views being less than 20 pounds overweight.

    It is just insensitive yeah? So ok while I am not one to vent a ton of outrage with really mean language and name calling, there is a lot of hurt and frustration there and with hurt and frustration comes anger, so yeah I totally understand the anger and hopefully others can too rather than trying to police our emotions just allow us to have them.

    Thank you for the insight. I can also see why people would feel hurt, frustration, and anger and would make extreme comments from that anger, I do it too on occasion. People like her make me sick. Daisy, for starters you are not a girl; you are a grown woman. Have some perspective!

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    • Nothing worse? Ebola, anyone? Flesh-eating bacteria perhaps? I mean, I know the only reason I go to yoga classes is to be the sacrificial fatlamb so that everyone else will feel better about themselves. Or, you know, because I like yoga — and in the studio where I go now, precious few people have mentioned it at all, and no one has made a big deal about my size.

      And I have been in places where people have said and done things to shame me for my size, and it does suck, but it indicates a problem with the environment there rather than a problem with me. And then i read this article. Daisy is entitled to her feelings about her body, but there are plenty of spaces IRO and online where she can find like minded people. That said, I remember going through a lot of difficult phases before I got to the place I am in now, accepting, loving and celebrating my body, fat and all.

      Now looking back — I realize all the fun I missed and all the good times NOT recorded because of my body shame. What a mental fuck up that is. Now, like many of you, I choose to celebrate who I am. So…today I celebrate me being me and you being you and Daisy being Daisy regardless of her underpants rule slip.

      Attention: Miserable Fat Women - renegade mothering

      A toast to all of us. I wish I had spent my teens and 20s loving my body more and enjoying the moment rather than telling myself how fat and disgusting I was.

      While I did not and wil not read the article to avoid being triggered, Daisy herself makes me very sad. She is obviously in a bad place with herself. I am more disturbed and disappointed that xoJane chose to run such a negative, hate-filled piece of writing. I really would like to know why they thought it was a good idea. Provocative journalism? Telling both sides of the story? Her whole article reminds me of people in high school who would complain about themselves to get compliments.