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Thankfully, Trader Joe's had a bag of this hidden in their expansive frozen section, so I was able to enjoy a hearty vegan dinner — no meal prep required. I truly wasn't expecting the pasta to have much flavor, but WOW, did it deliver. It was perfectly spicy in all the right ways. The vegan pasta was pretty tasty.

I ate bugs. They poisoned me. Can I have seconds now?

I'm not one to turn down a deal, so I came home, cut it open and made myself a tropical masterpiece. It didn't pair well with the pasta arrabiata, but hey, don't judge me. The cocktail was pretty good, too. Overall, I snacked a ton today and have realized my daily food choices aren't as healthy or animal-friendly as I thought they were.

Just because I'm vegetarian doesn't mean I'm doing my part to end animal cruelty at all. I'd already made the announcement on Instagram , so it was official. Friends, coworkers, random bot accounts all had to hold me accountable for the next six days.

I Ate Non-Kosher Food, Now What?

Surprisingly, I got a lot of great feedback from people encouraging me, which was nice because I was craving scrambled eggs and salsa for breakfast. Instead, I opted for some pineapple, a blueberry Larabar, and a homemade chai latte, because I love myself. I've eaten here before, and I am head-over-heels obsessed with the black bean burger and cashew mac and cheese topped with crunchy mushroom bacon.

Ellen, if you're ever in the city and want someone to join you at by Chloe. I had some vegan fast-food.

I finish up my day with Blue Bottle coffee , some green juice, and toasted corn because I eat like a college student even though I'm The coffee was a nice caffeine booster. Today's vegan lesson of the day?

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Vegan fast food is delicious. It's important to keep an open-mind when it comes to trying new foods and dismissing something as "gross" because it's vegan is just ridiculous. Do better, people.

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  • We decided to make one of my favorite meals in the world: Roasted chickpea and bell pepper tacos with homemade guac. I was the only one eating vegan, but they all enjoyed the vegan additions to the meal. We made so much vegan food. I make some pretty good guacamole. This is not a humble brag. I am fully bragging. Please enjoy this photo of my creation.

    You Binge Ate, Now What? - With Dr. Joe

    I'm quite proud. My guac was pretty great, too. I paired the meal with vegan beer, Modelo Especial being one of my all-time favorites. Fun fact: Not all beer or wine! It's based on the way the beverage is created and filtered throughout the process. If you're unsure, check Barnivore to make sure your drink of choice is vegan approved. We even had vegan beer. I've begun to replace my normal 8 p.

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    • Yet, I'm fully aware that I should cut out this snacking entirely. I feel better waking up in the mornings and I am more excited to eat my fruity breakfast. Please don't judge my lunch. It's leftover vegan tacos because I'm a resourceful human being on a budget. I diced up plenty of pepper to snack on. I can feel my stomach growling at the end of a long day at work.

      I've snacked on veggies and vegan bars, but I need something of substance to really fill me up. I decided to finally take this opportunity to eat at Jajaja on the Lower East Side. Yes, it's Mexican food again. I shared a large meal with my partner, who seemed to enjoy the vegan fare.

      Can dogs eat chocolate?

      Vegan Mexican food is amazing. I recommend getting the nachos — they're smothered in the best vegan cheese and chorizo I've ever had. The nachos were so tasty. I have an obsession with Mexican food. But, it's okay. It's also one of the easier restaurant cuisines to find vegan. If you're eating at a restaurant that isn't normally vegan-friendly, just ask for your tacos without sour cream or cheese.

      And, make sure the restaurant's beans aren't cooked in animal fat. I'm sure it's all about restraint and proper meal and nutrient replacements, but I am craving eggs and chocolate. Not together … but like … I wouldn't be opposed at this point. I cave and buy myself a vegan chocolate doughnut from Doughnut Plant. It's the best breakfast I've had all week. The vegan donut was a big win. I'm really on a roll here. I don't know how Ellen avoids processed foods and sweets, but I do know she'd be seriously disappointed in the fact that I chased my chocolate donut with a mango Popsicle.

      It's only in the morning.

      After you ate too much

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