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'A Place That Absorbs Lost Souls'

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Only one patient seems immune to the negative symptoms — you know the flesh eating and general insanity — she is on the run, with various parties in pursuit to see if she holds the key to a cure. The reporter on the street being interrupted and killed on screen. The guy who repeats "Mum. The guy who's infected and needs a cure immediately, only he lasts half the film without one while others who share a glass turn in 45 seconds flat. The whole 'but she's pregnant' bit. They spill lots of blood and cause lots of gore all over the UK, usually with backdrops of carefully constructed carnage reminiscent of the Left 4 Dead video games.

Devil's Playground is uninspired and formulaic and doesn't do much to separate it from a million other similarly bland zombie flicks. As much as I love zombies I can't help but think for the time being they are a little overdone, this isn't the film that will revitalize the genre, but I give a couple bonus points for at least trying to make the film look bigger and flasher than a lot of other low budget efforts. Final Rating — 4. So you say zombies are threatening the very social fabric of a nation again and it's up to a few individuals to save humanity?

Wake me when it's finished will ya? If Danny Dyer was hoping this film would improve his star-rating then he's surely mistaken. This film is dyer dire sorry couldn't resist. I love a good zombie-flick, but this isn't it. Bad direction, bad storyline, bad acting even worse script. There are no redeeming features to this boring, slow, limited action movie.

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Best avoid it if you can, be warned Danny Dyer's cockney scowl doesn't an actor make. When are film makers going to realize this guy is useless, and doesn't warrant the attention given to him. Walk away, don't waste your time - painting your garden fence and watching it dry would be more entertaining than this drivel.

Theo Robertson 29 March It wasn't apparent at the time but from that point onwards each and every zombie film must feature zombies , sorry "infected" who can outrun Usain Bolt while having the endurance of a marathon runner. It's also noticeable how many zombie films there are with a massive number of short films and films on The Horror Channel featuring zombie apocalypse.

The last days of the Devil's Playground

Perhaps most notciable of all is how poor most of them are. One thing I did like was the dead pan serious tone and while it's hardly big budgeted it does its utmost best to paint a convincing infected outbreak that took place unseen in 28 DAYS LATER. Oh dear oh dear. Yet another low budget zombie type movie that fails to hit any kind of spot. Danny Dyer can be likable enough in some films, but he always plays the same part, no matter what the movie, and in this that trend continues.

'A Place That Absorbs Lost Souls'

Unfortunately his limited talent and acting abilities shine through here more than in many of his other films. In fact, the only person who is more wooden and a worse actor is Craig Farbrass, a very poor man's Jason Statham. The director and screenwriter have nicked bits from other films, most noticeably 28 Days Later with fast moving and agile baddies. But this film has none of the style or substance of 28 Days Later.

None of the characters are in any way likable, in the end you just do not care one iota if everyone dies, in fact, you end up wishing they would all be killed just so the dross can end. If you want to see how good a low budget Zombie type horror can be, rent the French film La Horde instead.