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Funny Foreigner - TV Tropes

He and Simka, who shows up later, are refugees from a generic Eastern Communist country , with all kinds of jokes based on obscure customs, etc. This makes sense, as Latka was basically Andy Kaufman 's "Foreign Man" character given a name, job, and backstory. The two Benzite aliens from Star Trek: The Next Generation played by the same actor were essentially generic stage foreigners painted blue. Manuel the Barcelonan waiter from Fawlty Towers.

Most of the humor revolves around him being just plain stupid, instead of weird and foreign, and his poor English consists not of mangling the language, but of incomprehensibly asking "Que? When the show was broadcast in Spain, the Spanish producers made him an Italian. John Cleese has defended the character, though, saying that the major fool in the series is actually Basil for hiring cheap immigrant workers like Manuel who are obviously not skilled in English enough to do the job properly. Notably, Manuel generally does quite well if he can just understand what he's supposed to do, as evidenced by the one time a guest speaks Spanish and when Polly learns a bit of it, presumably to help her communicate with her coworker.

Fes a nickname which stands for Foreign Exchange Student from That '70s Show , who eventually gave rise to much Lampshade Hanging over the fact that we never learn his country of origin. His real name is not given, but we're told that it's simply too long and funny-sounding for regular use. He often talks with an accent and makes stupid comments.

In one of the later episodes, there's also a friend of his from the "Old Country": a white guy with a British accent. Apparently his friend is from the west side of the island. This trope was exploited by the Coneheads , who excused any oddities by clarifying that "We come from France. In the British comedy The League of Gentlemen , the German character Herr Lipp is a Funny Foreigner — he unwittingly says things that make him sound like a pedophile, which is ultimately revealed to be true.

Things like "You are still erect" to mean "You are still awake". There were also several correspondents attached to the skits, such as the Espresso-Drinking Greek who would calmly sip his espresso and then energetically shriek out his views on a given story. The Foreign Taxi Driver, who would drive around poorly in front of a bad bluescreen with a customer who could barely follow what he was saying as he snarked with an accent about then-recent news events. He usually dropped people off at the wrong stop, and said, "You pay Vy-sa, I kill you.

Luka Kovac on ER with his so called lukaisms.

The joke with Ishboo is that he was a prankster who would make up customs on the spot, and his exchange family and classmates would feel compelled to "make him feel at home" by playing along, much to his amusement. The Disney Channel show So Random! Frequently complicated by the fact that Sheldon Cooper feels the need to correct Raj on Indian culture.

However, when Raj's sister appears, far from being a funny foreigner, she is beautiful, strong-willed and professional. The king of the Burgundians in Kaamelott : he can't speak Jessie averts this among Disney Channel originals. There are three kids adopted from foreign lands a Hispanic country, India, and an African country.

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Only the Indian acts foreign and a lot of his ethnic traits are more informative than played for laughs. Some of the customers in Are You Being Served? In one episode, an Arab Oil Sheikh visits the store and attempts to buy a pair of trousers in exchange for a goat When the goat is refused by the sales assistants, the sheik then tries to trade a beautiful woman. Captain Peacock's attempts to communicate with him are at least as hilarious as the tourist himself "You wanty buy? Also, short-lived regular Mr. Grossman could qualify as a Funny Foreigner.

In Black Books , Fran tracks down some long lost relatives that fit this trope, hailing from what would appear to be somewhere in Eastern Europe. Some talk show hosts like to have funny foreigner sidekicks or recurring sketch characters. From Mr. Lucky , Andamo falls into this, but not too far - it's limited to occasional misunderstandings of English words and American customs.

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  6. Frasier : Daphne and her occasional family member. On one episode she gets the Cranes out of the house for the evening by claiming she's making sheep's-head stew for dinner. Late Show With David Letterman has their foreign correspondent Graham Fenwick-Jones, who speaks almost without exception in impenetrable British slang with no subtitles.

    He actually speaks a mishmash of Swedish and gibberish , but his segments are a combination of slapstick humor and prop comedy. There was also the Flying Zucchini Brothers, and the incomparable Whatnot musician Marvin Suggs described with that word by Kermit, because he couldn't imagine anyone to compare him to. They were Funny Foreigners, but it was hard to tell from which foreign country. Since his main schtick was to gargle George Gershwin tunes to Faux Horrific effect, his nationality didn't serve much purpose other than to make him funnier and more random, as Gershwin was of Eastern European Jewish descent.

    Inverted in Killinaskully : the German Dieter is usually the Straight Man in whatever craziness the locals are getting up to. Also, Skip Hinnant sometimes did mangled British accents. This is in the context of their finding Britain hard to understand, and embarrasing or otherwise hindering their British-born children, who are more at home with the cultural norms of the land of their birth. The BBC's latest foray into Asian humour, Citizen Khan also deals with a Pakistani-born immigrant who is pompous, authoritarian, religiously Islamic, and incompetently endearing, as he struggles to make sense of both Birmingham and his British-born daughters, who have more liberal approaches to life.

    Less stellar or sympathetic - the 's sitcom Curry and Chips , which featured Spike Milligan in brownface, playing a comedy Pakistani who consistently failed to make sense of Britain.

    BBC - Capital - This might be the loneliest country for expats

    Even at the time this was thought of as a racist show playing on stereotypes and popular assumptions. Most of the humor of Antonio on Wings revolved around his being a sad sack, but his lines were funnier because of his Italian accent. Root Into Europe : Mr. Root often encounter funny archetypes from different parts of Europe. They all wear corks on their hats, khaki shirts, talk in an exaggarated accent and are obsessed with beer. Also the tourist from the "Dirty Translation Book" sketch.

    Japanese television personality Bobby Ologun, who was born in Nigeria, created a persona as a funny foreigner, frequently garbling his Japanese in amusing ways and generally showing ignorance of Japanese culture. His schtick has been criticized as Uncle Tomfoolery , playing on Japanese stereotypes of black people and foreigners in general. Bombay and the mock-Mexican Carlito. It was common in s calypso to imitate the Chinese for comedic effect, as they were an Acceptable Target back in those days. This isn't socially acceptable anymore, but the examples were relatively tame.

    Eugene Hutz of Gogol Bordello has lived in America since the 80s and speaks perfect English, but often throws in the odd grammatical error into his songs due to people associating that with Russians. Joe Dolce's "Shaddap Ya Face". Dolce is an Italian-American who has lived in Australia for some years, so this crosses over into Self Deprecating territory. Pro Wrestling.

    This shows up a lot in pro wrestling, often with Unfortunate Implications. One of the more well-known examples in the US is hapless, Engrish-speaking Smackdown! In the case of the Rougeaus, do see this page , though. In the case of Suzuki, he debuted as Funny Foreigner trying to play an All-American Face after promos that made him seem like an evil one. The fact that he didn't speak a word of English, and his wife had to translate everything he said, didn't deter him from this plan in the slightest.

    Didn't even turn face but remained cheerful. Then they brought in 2 Tuff Tony, so they could have two Baka Gaijins. Toryumon Japan, which became Dragon Gate with the Toryumon trademark going exclusively to the Mexican one did a legitimately hilarious version, though: constant losers Raimu Mishima and Taku Iwasa took a sabbatical to refine their craft in the US. They returned as full-fledged residents of Eagleland Type 2: their hair bleached blonde and their wrestling attire consisting entirely of reds, whites, and blues.

    They took the names Michael and Daniel, the Florida Brothers, and used loads of Gratuitous English in their promos and theme songs, all while using the sort of cheating tactics that are more common in US wrestling than its Japanese counterpart. They proceeded to go on a huge winning streak - winning every match by disqualification. The result was pretty hilarious. She's a Chinese migrant who has been making a great effort to learn the new tongue. Most of these actually behave strangely in the ring, as in they do moves oddly — Mr.

    Ladybeard, the cross dressing Austrailian male pinup model from Dramatic Dream Team. She resigned herself to it in the former, as Nagayo and her student, Momono Mio, took an immediate liking to her but resents it in the latter, believing it keeps people from taking her efforts to get a rematch with Arisa Nakajima, the woman who got them laughing in the first place, seriously. Almost every episode of The Goon Show would have someone in the cast portraying a foreigner.

    What These 10 Pinays Who Found Love With Foreigners Want You To Know

    Banerjee and Mr. In a one-act play of The Thirty-Nine Steps , every character was one of these. Especially Annabella, who has a ridiculous German accent. Close the bleends!

    Video Games. Mario and Luigi of Super Mario Bros. While the series is Japanese, voiced in English however minimally and styled after American cartoons, the Bros. Played with in Fahrenheit known as Indigo Prophecy in the States , when one of the detectives goes to a book shop to find out if there's anything useful to be determined from an old book that was left at the scene of a murder. The owner is a little old Chinese man in stereotypical little-old-Chinese-man dress and with a high-pitched, English-mangling accent, who asks you to find a book for him while there because he's forgotten where he's placed everything.

    This turns out to be a test to mess with customers because he doesn't like selling to stupid people, and once you pass it he straightens up, gaining a few inches of height, and turns out to have a deep Bronx accent with a voice like he's been smoking since he was born. Super Punch Out! It also has Piston Hurricane from Cuba and the Bruiser brothers from Parts Unknown , but neither of them have any traits that are very funny. In Fur Fighters you have a strange French cat that is in no way similar to Andy Warhol a dumb Australian kangaroo, bizarre little Russian meerkats, and many others.

    Deconstructed in Kud's route in Little Busters! Because she's only one-quarter Japanese , many of her classmates see her as one of these, complimenting her on her knowledge of Japanese culture and laughing at her foreign mannerisms. However, Kud finds this very isolating, as she learned Japanese from a young age and has been exposed to the culture for most of her life, and since she's lived in places all over the world, Japan is the closest she has to a home country.

    Persona 2 's Lisa Silverman was born in Japan to Japanophile western parents and raised to be a Yamato Nadeshiko , never teaching her English aside from Japanese, she knows some Cantonese. Despite this, everyone assumes she speaks English. This comes to bite her back. Shogun 2: Total War: Fall of the Samurai has an inversion of this trope.